Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Dallas":The Legendary legacy epic forever in our hearts!

First of all I want to thank the Cast, Crew, writers, Warner Brothers, and everyone that was involved in bringing back this great show! Well Done! And we look forward in seeing what y'all do next.

I remember back when the original series of "Dallas" was airing on Soapnet. And I know that I saw episodes when it aired there. Though, I don't really remember watching in the 1980s as I was just a small child then. However, it is a possibility as my Mother has told me that she did watch from time to time.

From the times of Soapnet there is one episode of "Dallas that was always stuck on repeat in my mind and that was "Black Market Baby." Always there that episode made such an impression on me as a television viewer.  But the years past and I didn't really think about the show to much again. But sometimes you just need a reminder of greatness.

What can I say, about a show that when I saw the trailer for the new series I knew I had to see it? I knew at that moment I would truly love this show! This show has forever made an impression on me. I have lost shows before from cancellation that really hurt such as "As The World Turns" and "Guiding Light" and I tell you it really hurts. But they are forever here! Everybody needs to remember that a show that has made history or made and impression on you can never be forgotten.

So they may have cancelled our show, but it's not really gone it's forever here in our hearts and in our minds.

And that is something that nobody can take away!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Legacy = Dallas #SaveDallas

One of my top 5 shows of all time is Dallas.  It's a show I grew to love over time. But it's a show that has also brought people into my life that I thought I would never ever meet through this thing we call twitter.  Yes, it is true TV can bring people together and can make virtual strangers into great friends or even family if you so choose.

Last week we found out that our Beloved show was not going to be renewed and we were crushed.  But something in us wouldn't give up. And we decided to work together to save our show, A person might say it's just a TV show, but actually it is so much more then that. Dallas is a legacy that yes was and is shared by Grandparents, Parents, and their children.  Also, some people like myself may have just stumbled on to Dallas one day without realizing that one day this would a favorite show that can't be denied.

So, yes, we should #SaveDallas it is a show that I am willing to help get back on the air. Great cast, great show, and what fandom so dedicated to one show.

           On that note I will quote something that was said on twitter by Buck Wild:

                         "With all the chaos going on we can use some legit entertainment to sit down                           to at the end of the day. Now that's screwed too?!? #SaveDallas"

                         "Enjoyment in life doesn't come without struggle but with struggle comes the                           fruits of victory. #SaveDallas"

On that note please take a minute to sign a few petitions #SaveDallas

Help Save Dallas

To get Dallas Back on Television

Thank you

Soap Novela Forever

Note: Quotes were used after asking permission first.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The People we Trust (Contains Spoilers for Dallas Season 3 Episode 7)

My Thoughts/ Recap: Season 3 Episode 7

This is an episode that was very revealing.  This episode was very important for the set up for the mid-season finale that takes place on Monday.  But truth be told that episode after episode has been leading up to this.  We are headed into an episode that is going to leave us with a cliffhanger for months. But from what I have already seen this season it's going to be so good!  I can already tell that I just can't wait at all.  This season that has been on fire so far is going to truly be on FIRE on Monday and be that way for months and months at a time tell it returns in August.  I have a feeling that long wait is just going to be worth it for sure! And another thing there is nothing better then watching the opening credits each episode you just want to dance!

After John Ross put Sue Ellen away in a place she doesn't belong Bobby and Ann work to get her out of there.  She is starting to look like being there is driving her a little crazy.  Yes, we all know that Sue Ellen needs help but she doesn't deserve that.  She deserves to be treated so much better then that.  Ann and Sue Ellen are such good friends and you see that and Bobby cares for her too. They are able to get her out of there.  John Ross thinks that he has all the power here, but he realizes real quick that he has lost in a way again.  He says he did it to help her, but in truth we all know that he did it for his own gain and she knows that too.

John Ross lets his secretary go after the stunt that she pulled last episode. He talks to Bum to find out about her he doesn't trust it.  Who could blame him. But in truth I think he should have realized earlier that she was up to something all along.  Later, she also gets fired from Harris for not getting what he wanted on John Ross.  Twice in one show to get fired just wow!  And lets not forget that later Emma thinking she can get rid of Candice by getting her another job to only find out that wow she was working for Harris all along.  Emma goes to see Harris  and he shows her pictures trying to get John Ross away from Emma.  But it seems by asking Candice she figures things out.  Yet, now that Emma has the dress it seem to me that she is going to use that plan for her own use.

Then we have Drew who's conscience won't leave him alone.  Both Elena and Nicolas don't want him to come back. But do you think that he listens? No, why would he? He hasn't before.  He comes back into the country. He goes and finds Christopher and Christopher isn't over losing his children.  But who would be after what happened?  Everything gets to him and he starts to hit Drew.  He tells Drew to go.  This only lead him back to Elena's place where finds the papers that explain everything that's been going on.  Drew says that it's over, but is it really?  I mean he is a roller coaster of emotions from the preview for the next episode it almost looks as though he could change his mind.  But the thing is why blame the whole Ewing family if they don't know anything about it?! I have been saying this since Season 2 finale over and over and over again.  Well I guess we just have to wait and see what happens now.  Christopher goes to see Heather after this fight and they talk  they are suppose to help each other which I think is good. Bo shows up and Christopher even helps him.  And you know why he helps him even though he is acting like that? Because Christopher is a good person that is willing to help someone even if they are not always nice.

John Ross has to ask forgiveness for not keeping a promise that J.R. had made.  And how does he do it in a poker game of course. He loses the game on purpose, but he doesn't only lose Pamela's earrings that he put in the game, but also J.R.'s watch.  Then he makes a speech about being sorry and how he thought that he could do something not even J.R. could do.  He leaves with Pamela who isn't to happy that he threw the game. But he seems to think that he might still win.  He and Pamela eventually return home and Bobby has someone to handle the IPO John Ross was like no. But then discovered since Sue Ellen is free he can't do what ever he wants.  Later he finds that not only is he forgiven that he has the money for the IPO but J.R.'s watch is returned.  This is when he has to realize that J.R.'s watch is destined to always stay with him no matter what.  J.R. Ewing will always be there no matter what and always be John Ross' father. But he doesn't have to act like that he chooses to act similar to him though he really isn't totally the same.  But still!

Christopher has to realize one of these days that Elena isn't who he thinks she is.  But then again Nicolas isn't either.  Can you really trust anyone? There is always twists and turns.  Elena gives information about Nicolas to Christopher, but I don't think he really trusts that at all.  Later, we discover that Hunter McKay is working with Nicolas and Nicolas is working for the cartel that Harris is trying to bring down. Whoa! I didn't see this coming! Yet I had a feeling that Nicolas was up to something.  Seems that Nicolas isn't just going to betray Elena but Cliff too! Oh that should really turn things into an interesting situation there!  Then Nicolas sends the video that could make things explode in the next episode to Pamela. Oh next episode is going to be good!

My ultimate question though I have to say is how will all of the Ewing family react to Elena when they find out the truth?  I just can't wait to see what will happen there.   There are just so many possibilities of what could happen next!  And I can't wait! Oh and one more thing NEVER TRUST A MCKAY! Oh from what I have seen anyway.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

As History Repeats (Contains Spoilers for Dallas Season 3 Episode 6)

My Thoughts/ Recap: Season 3 Episode 6

Each time an episode of Dallas airs I am very happy to watch! This season has been intense! You know that when actors are good they are good; and you see how good they are when they are in a show! This is a show where you see that clear as day.  This is a show that makes Mondays a joy again you can't wait for Mondays! When Dallas isn't on you can't wait for the weekend, but when Dallas is on Mondays you are like YES! Each episode has there twists and there turns. But this episode, this episode had a HUGE betrayal! So much so that you can feel the emotions as you watch as if almost you are experiencing them yourself.  And that is WORTH watching plain and simple! Must watch TV!

John Ross is on the phone trying to get his permit back as its all under investigation and Bobby has the control now. He isn't very happy he thinks this isn't fair at all.  John Ross goes into Sue Ellen's office telling her they were allies. She wants to know if he is still with Emma.  He says that it was just business. But she isn't having it she lived this all the time with J.R. she knows this so well by now. Who could blame her for trying to give John Ross a lesson.  Also, John Ross is so sure that Pamela isn't going to find out. But from what I have seen in the past in this show and other show similar the wife always finds out. And always has a reaction ALWAYS!  I think Sue Ellen is trying to wake John Ross up because she knows that Pamela will have a reaction.  The line that Sue Ellen says, "You have become drunk on power." When talking about John Ross is right on here!  He may not want to see it but this road never leads to good places.  He thinks that the reason she has done all this is because she is drinking.  I admit that Sue Ellen should stop drinking but he shouldn't treat her this way.  He seems to think that her drinking is what made her do this. But actually she is trying to prevent him from going down the same road J.R. did.

John Ross isn't happy with Bobby and Christopher and he throws stuff about Cliff Barnes toward them.  He wonders why he is there anyway because Bobby is now the railroad commissioner.  John Ross feels betrayed, but he betrays all the time and doesn't seem to see that. Later Nicolas talks to John Ross about how the lesson of the family isn't right.  He seems to want to get closer to John Ross and to have a drink.  Bobby has a warning for Nicolas about his business in Texas.  Nicolas thinks its a threat, but knowing Bobby that is more like a promise.  Bobby is so interesting right now but he needs to spend more time with Ann!  They later go to out for drinks and talk about what they should do.  Then they run into Hunter McKay who tells John Ross that he was sorry to hear about J.R. and he doesn't see things like his grandfather does.  John Ross is already on a bumpy road but he trusting Nicolas isn't a good idea. He is working to bring down the Ewing's first off and we have yet to find out what secrets that he could possibly have.  This is certainly one dangerous game!  Hunter McKay has given John Ross the idea to go public with the company so they don't have to answer to anyone and so they can buy up the shares.  This is something John Ross really wants now and he will stop at nothing to get it!

Christopher wonders what Elena knows about Nicolas she says nothing. Then Christopher tells her that he isn't who he pretends to be and that they are investigating him.  Nicolas shows up when Elena tells him to go. She is worried that they will find out who he is. But I think that it is just a matter of time when they find out this "little secret". Elena invites Pamela out for a drink too and Pamela suggests they take Emma with them too she agrees.  Elena is trying to get closer with Pamela so can possibly turn her against John Ross.  They later go out and have drinks as well. They talk about John Ross' new secretary and how Pamela doesn't trust her at all. Emma tells Pamela that John Ross wouldn't cheat on her.  Yeah right we all know that isn't true Emma, because she would know after all!  I wonder what will happen? Oh to finally see a fight that ends up in the pool like yesteryear!  Those are times we still dream of to this day.

Ann and Emma talk.  Emma says that's is over for sure with John Ross. Ann says that her daughter deserves better and unconditional love.  Emma doesn't think she knows what that is at all considering who she was raised by.  I may not like what Emma is doing, but she is right just look how she was raised.  Right now she is rebelling of the life she had before and a lot of the time now she isn't listening.  She has a lot to learn but I think she can learn, that is if she really wants to.  Yes, and Ann is right Harris does love his daughter Emma its just I am sure he didn't have an easy time growing up either.  Sue Ellen and Ann talk about their children.  Sue Ellen thinks she went to far.  But I wonder if she really went far enough.  Ann says that they both had to do things because of the way their children have been acting. Sue Ellen is worried about losing her son.  I really like how this works out here.  Ann and Sue Ellen are such good friends there needs to be more scenes with them both.  Its good to see a friendship like this on TV.

Later John Ross goes home and talks to Pamela about running into Hunter and this idea of going public with the company and they won't have to deal with her father anymore.  John Ross needs Pamela's help and she agrees.  Elena sets a plan in motion to catch John Ross cheating.  John Ross should have listened to Bum because someone against him could be watching.  John Ross wants help from Sue Ellen to take the company public only after he promises it's over with Emma.  Sue Ellen agrees to help him.  The thing is this continues because Emma has the information that he needs right now.  If she didn't have this power would it continue? Maybe, but not as likely.  Because I do think that John Ross does love Pamela.   Later when John Ross is in his office and his secretary won't leave him alone he says he isn't interested.  Elena and Nicolas talk about taking Ewing Global public and stealing the company from under them.  Elena gets proof that John Ross is cheating.  This is clear proof on video like I said John Ross should have listened to good advice when he still had a chance.  When Candice John Ross' secretary is leaving and putting some of her dress back on she makes Sue Ellen who is coming back into the office area believe something has happened. And flashes of that past appear to her and she is in great pain.  The past is everywhere and it continues to hurt Sue Ellen she is reminded of it more then ever since losing J.R..

Christopher and Heather have a nice moment when Bo shows up saying that he has a job and leaves their son with Heather.  Christopher is nice and takes her son to work with him and shows him around.  Another nice moment showing how Christopher will be a great parent when the time comes.  I really like Heather.

When Sue Ellen decides to vote against John Ross this makes him so angry that he does something that I call the ultimate betrayal!  This makes himself lower himself even lower.  And Emma gets what she wants.  He gets information on a judge blackmails him into getting a court order to put Sue Ellen away so he can control her shares.  I am sorry but I don't see this as him caring at all for Sue Ellen I see this as him wanting control and doing everything he can to get it!  Even Bobby, Ann, and Christopher can see this as he walks away.  John Ross is going down the wrong road! I can't wait to see what happens next! And I hope that someone breaks Sue Ellen out of there soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family and Blackmail together forever! (Contains Spoilers for Dallas Season 3 Episode 5)

My thoughts/recap on:  Season 3 Episode 5

Pamela and John Ross return from their honeymoon. After a talk about business and then nice limo ride they go to the drilling sight to check on the progress. John Ross finds that there has been a delay. He wants them to keep working through the night and talks them into it.  John Ross and Pamela are about to leave when John Ross sees Bobby watching him he waves at him then he leaves.  Bobby looks at his watch as there is a plan in action with Sue Ellen. Now we all know that Sue Ellen isn't happy with her son's behavior he has been acting a lot more like JR lately. His attitude, business actions, and also how he keeps going back and forth between Emma and his wife Pamela. Sue Ellen is remembering the past that she lived with JR these actions lead her back to the bottle every time. We all know that she can beat this, but she has to really want that.  She never wanted that for her son. So now she knows that her son has something against the Railroad commissioner and decides to do something about it. She goes to the Governor and decides to talk to him about this.  She wants to get the Railroad commissioner to resign from office. He knows though this has to do with John Ross she then says John Ross knows stuff on the railroad commissioner, but she really want's the permit taken away.  She then tells him that she will go tell the people what he did when it came to the rig explosion.  But he throws it in her face that they probably wouldn't believe her because of the charges that were against her. She gives him a gift that will come in bring great information later.  He then leaves. She calls Bobby and tells him what happened. She has a plan and everything is going like she knew it would. Everyone needs to know that Sue Ellen learned from the best and she can do things. She is smart and gets things done. That doesn't mean that the road has always been easy because it hasn't been or will be, but it means that she has the control right now! Which I absolutely love!

Elena and Nicolas have a meeting with Cliff. Cliff talks about everything that the Ewing's took from him, but worst of all they took his daughter away. They talk about different things that they have gone over and people that could have helped but haven't panned out Nicolas has a thought of a person that could possibly help. Elena is determined to help Cliff to help her get her justice as she calls it. Cliff tells Elena to keep an eye on Nicolas. I wonder why he said that. Is there something more that is coming? Is he suspicious that he might do something. I get the feeling that he doesn't really truly trust him. Which makes me wonder even more what could possibly happen there.  Later Elena and Nicolas have a meeting with Peter the state attorney and he isn't happy with the Ewing's because of J.R. blackmailing him into dropping the charges against Sue Ellen.   They ask him for the case file looking for clues to help set free Cliff.  He agrees to help them where he can.  Later Nicolas and Elena get the files on J.R.'s case and go through it. Elena is starting to wonder if working for Cliff is really worth it because of how bad he is.  Nicolas tries to talk her out of thinking like that Elena is getting tired of looking at those files he says they can look at that later. When Nicolas notices something strange on one of the pictures.  Now the question is and I have been wondering this is Nicolas really doing this all to help Elena or is there another plan in motion. I just can't help but wonder. Later Nicolas and Elena go back and visit Cliff and he talks about his conversation with his daughter Pamela.  He now believes that she didn't frame him. Cliff keeps using Elena and her love for her father to get at the Ewing's,  but I don't think her family will agree with any of this.

Christopher goes to visit Heather after waiting awhile after what happened in the barn. He didn't want to just go running to her. They both don't want anything serious as they have had a hard time with relationships. He asks her out to drinks and she agrees.  Later they go out for drinks and they talk about the past and relationships in the past.  Heather gets a call and she tells Christopher that she has a kid. We also find out that she was married to and he doesn't like the idea of Christopher being near his family so he tells him to stay away. Even now Heather's ex is trying to be controlling of her. He seems to be jealous of anyone who comes near her but that doesn't mean he has the right or should tell her.   When Christopher meets Heather's child you discover how good he is with children.  I really like Christopher and Heather so far and will be watching to see what happens next.

Bobby shows up at Ewing Global and is surprised by a piece of art that John Ross brought back for his honeymoon.  You can almost tell that Bobby doesn't like it and John Ross is willing to take it back to Southfork. Bobby is like no no leave it here I like art.  He doesn't want to let John Ross know that he is getting to him like that, but we all know that maybe John Ross already knows.  The question is does John Ross really like this piece of art or did he just buy is to get at Bobby? I wonder he does seem like someone that would do that.  John Ross goes into Sue Ellen's office and tells her she can't ignore him forever so they talk.  She asks if him if he is still seeing Emma. He says that he isn't anymore. But Sue Ellen knows better as she lived with that many years with J.R. it's like she can see right through John Ross for that reason.  It seems to me that he thinks he just justify him sleeping with Emma as business almost because it business,  he thinks that he is doing nothing wrong. But when Pamela finds out and she will it always happens it will hurt her, him, and other people too!  He keeps on saying "I'm not my father" but he is a lot more like him then he sees. Though I think J.R. was more careful with certain things.  And knew how to stay controlling to a certain point.  Christopher is upset when he hears more ranchers have been laid off he confronts John Ross who isn't having any of this. He pretty much says that he will do what he wants.  Pamela shows up during this and sees John Ross' secretary again. She seems very suspicious of her which with what we know I don't blame her at all! Later Pamela is doing some work then looks up and sees John Ross and his secretary talking to each other again. She then gets a phone call from her father Cliff they don't talk for long. He thinks she helped with framing him, but she claims he had it coming for what happened to J.R..  He still claims to being innocent that he was framed and she hangs up. First of all, if you were Pamela and thought your father did that there is a chance you wouldn't want to talk to him. Secondly, she knows it could be a possibility because of his part in the death of her babies. He did know she was on the rig and ordered it anyway.  But she truly believes what happened to J.R. is his fault.

John Ross then goes to see Emma to see if she can get things rolling again and have her talk to Judith. He brings her a necklace from his trip.  When he is leaving and Ann sees him she wonders what he is doing there he says he left his brief case and that's a big yeah right!  This leads to a fight between Ann and Emma which leads to Ann throwing Emma off of Southfork. Ann ends up calling Harris upset because of the fight and the fact that she can't find Emma anywhere.  Harris is worried because of the danger that surrounds them.  He tells her it's okay and they will tell each other if they hear from her. Then he goes into the flash drive to get information and meet with the CIA agent. Harris wants out of this deal. He is afraid for his family when the CIA agent tells him that isn't possible. Harris then turns around and blackmails him with information he knows on him to get more protection on his family and it works.   Emma has a meeting with Judith she wants to help out with the business with Ewing Global. But Judith says no, but then Emma blackmails Judith because she knows about her side business. She gives her half the evidence and says when she gets the signed contract that she will give her the rest. Then Judith talks about what goes on in her business and that John Ross doesn't really love her. That she has a lot to learn. I don't think Emma takes this conversation well as she isn't happy when she leaves. Judith goes home and my 2 favorite funny lines were from her and Harris. She walks in and he says "3 am the witching hour." She then in turn says "I would turn you into a newt if I could." I thought that was so funny! I remember that so well haha! She then goes on to tell Harris that she got part of the information that he had on her back but it was because she wanted the ships to go to the Ewing's.  Harris isn't happy about this as he wants the rest of the files back now! Judith is getting impatient she wants to know how long it will take to break up Emma and John Ross.  Judith knows that John Ross could be controlling Emma in some ways.  Harris has such confidence in Candice the secretary.  Judith also wants Emma back in that house off of Southfork and to make Ann upset.  The more and more this season goes by the more and more I really like Judith and Harris I couldn't say that before. But now it's a different story! They are so awesome!  Emma is wondering why John Ross is always just nice to her when he wants something.  Well Emma it is business but a part of me is wondering if he isn't some way starting to care for her a little. She wants in with the arctic play and he thinks he can do that.   They talk and the next thing you know he is telling her to get back into the house anyway she can because he doesn't want this to end. He doesn't want to stop seeing her is he falling for her without even knowing it? Or is he just saying that to keep her calm. Anything is possible as this is Dallas.  Later Ann finds Emma and they make up after Emma says she broke it off with John Ross. Ann says it's okay to come back to Southfork.  They talk for awhile then hug.  When Ann finds out the truth and everything explodes all the drama will come to life. This should get interesting! Harris shows up at Southfork and they talk outside the gates. Ann says that John Ross and Emma are not seeing each other anymore, but Ann isn't convinced she doesn't really believe her.  Ann is worried about Emma who could blame her.  Harris is the one that blames himself because he did raise her along with Judith.  He even goes as far to say Ann is the better parent. That is something I thought I would never ever hear watching season 2 of Dallas.  The way they just didn't like each other and now it is really interesting seeing this unfold.  Harris says that he was there to take Emma back home with him, but he thinks Emma is better off with Ann which is another thing I was really shocked about too.

Sue Ellen watches John Ross with his secretary she is suspicious of what is going on there. Bobby goes to tells Sue Ellen it's time to go they have to do something. Bobby doesn't think there is anything to worry about with John Ross and his secretary, but Sue Ellen isn't to sure.  The real reason that Sue Ellen gave the Governor a bottle of J.R. Ewing Bourbon is it has a listening device in the cork. And Bobby and Sue Ellen are in a van listening to everything that is going on. They get some pretty good information. I will say my favorite line of the night was what she says to Bobby "The Family that blackmails together stays together." loved that! When Sue Ellen reveals what she knows to the Governor he is surprised yet not so much when there is a bottle with J.R.'s name on it. That was a brilliant plan!  He wants to know who should replace the railroad commissioner she says she knows someone perfect! Next thing you know John Ross gets a text he goes to the TV and sees who replaces the railroad commissioner his uncle Bobby. John Ross is upset and says in a message to Sue Ellen that now he has to watch out for her.  Oh John Ross the road he is going down isn't a good one for him he is trying to hard here!

The more and more this season goes on the more I love it! Fire it's on FIRE! LOVE IT! I am sitting here watching these episodes and I just can't wait to see what happens next.  Every minute, every second. And lets just say when you love a show that much and the hour goes by like a second you really can't wait to see what could possibly happen next!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Secrets we keep (Contains Spoilers for Dallas Season 3 Episode 4)

My thoughts/recap on:  Season 3 Episode 4

I have loved all the episodes so far, but I have noticed one consistent thing about this season of Dallas that you never know what is going to happen. Every episode seems to get better and better. And what can I say about episode 4 is that I loved every minute of it!  Twists, turns, secrets, lies, betrayals, love, hate, revenge are all ingredients to a great story and Dallas has it all. Love this TV show! I always look forward Monday nights because of Dallas.

After the cliffhanger of the last episode where we find out that Lucia is actually married to Nicolas. She tells Christopher that reason there is no records of Nicolas before 1997 is because he changed his name to leave his old life behind him as he was an orphan.  She also tells him that Nicolas is an upstanding person in the community. But she leaves out they are getting a divorce. Later when she goes to Dallas and waits for Nicolas to show up they talk and she says that she doesn't want a divorce. That it's better they stay together for the children.  Nicolas tries to protest, but Lucia isn't having it she says that she will tell the Ewing family the truth if he does divorce her he backs off because of that past.  This makes me wonder what he did in his past. He has got one big secret to agree to this considering he seems to want to have a life with Elena.  Anything could come about from this.

It is Pamela and John Ross' wedding what could possibly go wrong? Well first of all it's a wedding and secondly this is Dallas everything could go wrong.  Pamela looks at John Ross after she wakes up she seems to still be a little upset about what happened the night before. With him rejecting her because of Emma's mind tricks.  When he wakes up he wonders if it's bad if they sleep together before the wedding, but Pamela says they are already married so it doesn't matter.  When they start kissing the phone rings it's John Ross' secretary telling him that he does have a meeting that morning with the Railroad commissioner so he can get the permit that he wants.  He tells Pamela then he goes to leave, but tells her this isn't about her. He tells Emma off because he knows what she did and the mind tricks she is playing.  Emma storms off as John Ross drives off.  When John Ross arrives at the meeting with the railroad commissioner he discovers that Harris is actually waiting for him.  Harris convinces him that he can make everything with the investigation about the Lesser Prairie Chicken go away. But he want's his files back.  John Ross doesn't want to give up the files he says he can have one thing. So Harris asks for a flash drive and to meet him somewhere in one hour.  John Ross gets Emma after talking to her to get him the flash drive, but goes to this house without the flash drive.  John Ross goes to this house and finds that the railroad commissioner has a BIG secret that he would NOT want coming out. He talks to him and convinces him.  As they wait he leaves John Ross with two girls and they kissing him and secret pictures are taken to have something against John Ross.  Later Bum shows up and brings the flash drive and Harris gives him the disk with video of the Railroad commissioner. Harris has a plan set in motion against John Ross with help from his mother. The question is will John Ross soon have something against Harris as well?

Sue Ellen is in the house and Ann finds her and tells Ann that Emma and John Ross are indeed having an affair. Sue Ellen wants Emma to move out, but Ann isn't having this because she knows the danger she could be in because of what Harris is up to and the threats he is under at the moment. Ann says there has to be another way to go about this.  Sue Ellen feels guilty and wants to tell Pamela the truth but Ann says that's not a good idea.  Ann isn't just protecting Emma she is protecting Pamela too. Emma walks into the house after her confrontation with John Ross and wonders what happened the night before. She says she decided to keep the surprise tell her honeymoon but she is just saying that because she doesn't want Emma to know. Sue Ellen then walks in and sees Emma and Pamela talking and remains as calm as she can, but you know she wants to say something.  She asks where John Ross is Pamela says he has business.  Sue Ellen goes into the other room and looks around then takes a drink. Later while Pamela waits and waits for John Ross to show up for the wedding Sue Ellen and Afton get into a fight. I would have to say that this is my favorite part of the episode.  Afton is upset that John Ross is late and starts comparing him to J.R. and then says that Sue Ellen should have taught him better.  Sue Ellen tells her what for! And I was smiling! It was perfect! But then Sue Ellen couldn't take it as she takes another drink in the hallway.  Later when John Ross returns and is getting ready for the wedding Sue Ellen confronts him and tells him that she knows about his affair with Emma. So now Sue Ellen knows and Harris knows. This could lead to some kind of war.  John Ross knows that Sue Ellen has been drinking and throws that in her face.  John Ross explains why he is late, but she isn't happy she even compares him to her father. John Ross and Pamela are married. Later John Ross tells Bobby that he is going to get his way and be able to drill for oil on Southfork.  Bobby isn't happy when he calls the Railroad commissioner.  Sue Ellen tells Bobby she can do something about this.  There is a war coming!
Drew calls Nicolas and tells him that Christopher had been there asking questions. Drew when he talks to Nicolas is surprised that he is actually in Dallas. Drew feels really guilty about what happened with his part in the explosion. He wants to turn himself in, but Nicolas doesn't want him to do that. He says it will only hurt Carmen. I think he thinks that they will get "justice" against the Ewing's they won't have to worry about that. But what if, just what if Drew doesn't think the same as Elena, Nicolas, and Cliff? Anything could come of that, because he actually might not see it the same way.
I see something really nice happening with Christopher and Heather they talk, and the way they act around each other. When Christopher comes home from his trip to Mexico he finds that Heather is helping with the wedding.  Then Christopher tells everything that he found out in Mexico about Nicolas to Bobby and they both think that he is keeping secrets. They decide to ask Carlos del Sol about helping them find out more about him. This could lead to the truth that we all are wondering.  Later after the wedding Heather and Christopher meet up in the barn and spend a nice time together. They seem to be getting along well, but as we know this is Dallas. What is she hiding that we have yet to find out?

Nicolas knows that Christopher went down to Mexico and tells him, but when Christopher sees how close Elena and him are getting he tells her to be careful that he is a married man.  What Elena doesn't seem to realize is that Nicolas may have grown up with her for awhile but she doesn't really know who he is. He could have the biggest secrets that we don't know. I mean she didn't even know who was really to begin with. So she is drawn deeper into his web.

Pamela and John Ross, Nicolas and Elena, Christopher and Heather all have a nice time. And then there is Emma all alone. What has happened? This game that was started has turned into something more.  What could possibly come of this? We just have to wait and see like everything else.

I loved that Lucy, Ray, and Afton were in this episode. What I think should happen is that they should be regulars on the show again. It would be really good if that happened like in the original series. I would love this!

Oh and the cliffhanger was good! Harris has been working against John Ross for awhile now.  Who owns the house with all of this interesting stuff going on? Who else? "The Madam will see you now." Judith! Who by the way had great hair and nails and clothes. But everyone looked great in this episode anyway!  Get this John Ross' secretary is working for Harris against him! Whoa! What an episode! I can't wait to see what happens next with this show that we love that is called Dallas!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Secret truths always catch up to you! (Contains Spoilers for Dallas Season 3 Episode 3)

My thoughts/recap on:  Season 3 Episode 3

Loved this episode. Even though episode 2 was my favorite so far that doesn't mean I don't like this episode because I love Dallas and I love the episodes. Each episode is like a puzzle piece to a giant puzzle that we must in turn try to figure out what could possibly happen next. That doesn't mean that we always know what could happen next there is always that shocker that leaves us going I did not see that coming. And truth be told that's why we are here watching, that's why we don't stop watching. That's why we have this joy of it is MONDAY! Honestly when Dallas is on I look forward to Monday's Dallas makes Monday's happy again. And what's better then that?

After the big shock and cliffhanger of last weeks episode where we find out that Harris Ryland is working for the CIA Ann and Bobby worry about what could. Bobby decides the best solution is to put more security around the ranch to make sure everyone is safe. Its the little moments that you see that Bobby and Ann do care for each other. But you can also see that it would be easy to interrupt that if the past some how gets in the way.  John Ross and Pamela are having fun this morning making breakfast and talking only for Emma to come walking in and cause a scene in her own way when Pamela isn't looking. And yes Sue Ellen is watching she knows what's going on. Emma doesn't want to listen to anything anyone says and is walking down a road of rebellion. This also seems to be a game she is playing as she purposely does stuff that only hurt John Ross and Pamela more.

I was kind of surprised that when Sue Ellen later told Ann what she thinks is going on between Emma and John Ross and Ann didn't get mad. She did in the past, but she also learned that Sue Ellen was right about Emma. So she knows to pay attention. I like the friendship that Sue Ellen and Ann have its the kind of friendship that we all wish that we could have. And yes some of us out here have that kind of friendship which is a nice thing to see on our screens amongst all the drama that can go on. But then again we all know that we love a little drama.

There is an investigation into clearing Cliff of murdering J.R. going on by Nicolas and Elena. Elena goes to the gun ranges and convinces someone there in her own way to let her see the videos on certain days that the gun could have been stolen. And yes no video there. How perfect was that I know for one that that's the way to go to keep this investigation going. While she was doing that Nicolas went to go to talk to Rhonda Simmons who had testified against Cliff.   He offers her 25 thousand dollars to tell the truth about what really happened that night with JR. To say that Cliff is innocent and he gives her a day after she refuses.  She later will call him and they meet up and Bobby discovers that Nicolas is asking questions.  I wonder if Nicolas thought that maybe she wouldn't say anything and be willing to take the money, tell the truth, and run but she seems to be very loyal to the Ewings which I for one think is a good thing.

Yes, I love Ann and Bobby together, but I must say that I am starting to really like the scenes with Harris and Ann.  Their past is painful, but yet there is a sense of a love that may be still there if they dared to go there.  Ann is worried about Emma and tells Harris what she thinks is going on between Emma and John Ross. He listens as she says it would be best to tell Emma about the the CIA but with Emma rebelling right now she might let something slip and put everyone in danger. Which I do think that he does have a point, because she does what she wants when she wants now.  Harris tells Judith what is happening who seems calm about it because she thinks it isn't her problem. That is until he tells her that now that John Ross has the information, he also has information her that he had if he needed to control her. Judith is on the job and is going to take care of it. And we all know by now when she takes care of this it will be brilliant!

I would have to say that my most favorite scenes would have to be those that had Sue Ellen and Bum. She takes him out to lunch to apologize for having had him follow John Ross. They talk some about the past and how he kept things from her about JR then.  But in her nice subtle way, she slowly but surely makes sure he feels the guilt because it seems she knows he is lying to her now. Later when John Ross doesn't seem to pay attention you see him show up at her front door and tell her he has been lying and that John Ross and Emma are sneaking around. You see the guilt he feels and you also see that she is disappointed all around.  There is just so much to those scenes and I wish that there could be more of them together in scenes.

Oh and that title "Playing Chicken" I loved how Bobby got John Ross by bringing in the Lesser Prairie Chicken and using the Sierra club to get him to stop this trying to drill for oil on Southfork.  It was great how the idea went into his head after talking to the guy who refused to help him. I love when those things happen.
Christopher has an interesting journey down to Mexico to visit Cliff who is still claiming to be innocent which he is of that crime, but not others.  We also find out that Nicolas talks about how the Ewings treat people like servants, but yet he seems to have done stuff in the past. Talk about someone that needs to look in the mirror. But that makes for an interesting character.  He then runs into a little boy that lifts his wallet that leads him to the house of a mysterious woman. Get this here is the little cliffhanger for this episode she is not just any woman, but her name is Lucia Trevino... Nicolas' wife. I wonder how that is going to turn out when Elena finds out that truth after becoming involved which Nicolas.  And it makes one think what else could he possibly be hiding that we have yet to discover.

More secrets and more interesting moments each week and I love it! I just can't wait to see what happens next! Now who is up for game "Playing Chicken"?